Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Murder was the case that they gave me

I found this lovely travel tip to Muirhouse and Craigmillar :) This time I am going to check out Muirhouse, because it is too far from Craigmillar to visit them both on same day :(

"Whatever anybody says, keep well clear of housing schemes such as Craigmillar and
Muirhouse. The people who live here are truly the scum of the Earth. To call these violent,drug infested hellholes "third World" would be an insult to the decent populations of Africa, Asia and South America. The residents are dirty,lazy,Godless and ANGRY! Feral children run wild through the hideous warrens of 1960s concrete boxes(many of which ly empty and derelict) ingesting alcohol and class A drugs,emptying their systems of excess urine and saliva over walls and pavement alike. The only salvation for many of the adult population is to gather at the communal temple that is "The Gunner"(Muirhouse) or "The Castle Tavern" (Craigmillar). It is here that the miserable and infirm can gather to offer gifts (SOCIAL SECURITY PAYMENTS) in return for copious amounts of "holy water" ( Tennants Lager) & various "house"spirits, before vomiting, stabbing or beating strangers ,swearing,urinating in public and finally kicking the living daylights out of their unfortunate (though equally revolting) spouses. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!"

Sounds  just like a place for me :) Muirhouse is the 2nd and Craigmillar is the 4th most deprived place in Scotland (Restalrig in Edinburgh is 3rd, have to go there as well someday). I just needed some equipment for this journey:
Six pack of the cheapest beer money can buy, to blend in with the locals (too bad my tracksuit is at wash). One Heineken to enjoy afterwards.
A knife, if some poor person needs me to cut their bread :)

Report coming tomorrow :)

Monday, 30 January 2012

Oldies but Goldies

I found some old pictures of my journeys between time and space :)

 Ivan, Valyo, Lauri, Fuck
Mr.Eastwood eating kebab :)
Mr. Eastwood was casually sleeping at Glasgow coach station.
Someone put this in my door :)
Mr. Eastwood was shooting at some strangers at Cowgate :) Some poor guys got pretty pissed at him and started throwing bottles at him, and tried to break in to our flat :)
We shall conquer this hill!
Mr. Eastwood is really excited to conquer this hill :)
He was not pleased with the artificial ski slope though :(
Erosion control
We had a couple of beers at erosion control.
And we had a couple of beers at the top too :)
Somehow we transported to Loch Shira?
I have always been a treehugger :)
This is a nice castle :)
Mr. Eastwood was friends with the otter :)
And he even gave some beer to this guy :)
Mr. Eastwood and waterfall.
Tennents, fresh like river water :)

Here is a picture I found from the internets :)

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Cold War

Once upon a time the people of US of A were not friends with people of the USSR :( As a result they both made huge amounts of nuclear weapons :( Even the people of Britain were scared of the nuclear weapons, so they made a nuclear shelter.

My theme song for today :)

My old castle :)
This sign only £100 !!!
I like this sign more :) 
I can see the Kingdom of Fife from here.
DUDE! Zebras in Edinburgh!!
This is the spot! Fences haven't stopped me before :)
Go here to learn more about this bunker.
Here we go :)
Good thing I always carry these things, this place is full of asbestos :(
I think I can still fix this truck :)
Noo! It was locked, I came here for nothing :( :( Then some angry men came and kicked me out :( Good thing that I am a tourist :)
I think I am going to move here :)

Saturday, 28 January 2012


If you have some extra money, you should support these poor students making a film :)

Follow the rivers

This is my theme song for today :)
So I decided to go take some pictures.

 I found this beast, too bad it is skatestopped :(
Manual pad.
Found some nice banks :)
Some dark alleys.
It is nice that they finally started to build the tram tracks. The tramline should have been operational 2011 :)
So, this thing is for sale.
I want to buy this, just to employ one guy to randomly change my bedroom every day.
They really think they can keep me out of private property??
Breaking the law.
I teleported myself to some jungle.
 These guys are lucky that I didn't bring my rifle with me.
I just had to take one hipster photo from flowers :)
This bridge came to ruin my view :(
Some urban jungle.
Another fucking hipster photo :(
If you see me in alleys like this, hold tight to your wallet.
I follow the rivers.
Another waterfall.
It is nice to live in a clean environment.
Woohoo! Living on the edge :)

Then I ran out of battery, so no more river followings :(

But, here is a picture I found from the internets :)

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