Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Back in business

Uni is done, so I have time to make some new time travels and stuff :)

 Quartermile skyline.

 I went into this tropical rainforest :)
Some wild beast tried to eat me :(
 But I survived :)
I found Chuck Norris hanging in the forest :)
Living on the edge :)
Chuck Norris again
I need one of these :)
He is clearly not fit for work :)

 Here is a picture I found from the internets :)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

New toy

Haha, I just found the photomerge tool from photoshop :) Had to play around a little bit :)

Some old pictures from Stirling.

Nice spot :)
LOL - Lots of Ledges :)
Old versus new.
Hell yes!!
Something new coming here.
Old versus new, part 2.
This cat was also checking this gap to stairs :)
Nice car :)
I especially like this building :)
"The imperialistic murder flag", as my friend likes to call it, was flying at the castle :(
Haha, the angles are bit screwed :)
The Potterow banks :)
Dirty district :)
My favourite wall in Edinburgh :)
I like this guys work, have to film more of them someday.

Here is a picture I found from the internets :)

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Secret spot

So I finally get to go to my lake :) after missing my train on the first attempt :(

Say hello to my friend Mr.Sheep! :)
Some mountains.
That is the glen I am going to :)
It is not nice to install these water hazards on the road :(
Wohoo! Piggyback ride :) Do you know what pigs say? "Freeze motherfucker!"
The weather was nice :)
I am not going to climb that.
That is the one I am going to climb :)
I decided to take a shortcut from the road.
The shortcut was not a good idea at all.
Not a single person in sight anywhere :)
The weather was really good over there..
...but not where I was going :(
First sight of my lake! :) :)
Me and my shortcuts, I climbed the wrong mountain :(
I dare you to go stand in the snow :)
You can see the edge between good and bad weather.
Freedooom! No sight of Mel Gibson, this is my kingdom now! :)
My lake <3
Other people may have their fancy their fancy thermos and shit, but I drink beer :)
I can't believe how far I have walked :)
Proof that I was at the top :)
The mountains just keep on going..
Snow :)
My lake :) :) :)
Another shortcut gone bad, I came down from here. Not a good choice at all, but I was already past point of no return.
I had to enjoy some beer at my lake :)
It took me 7 hours to get here :)
This is what you get when you miss a stone crossing a river :(
I can't believe I was up there :)
Nice bridge :)
Bye bye :( last view of my lake.
Loooong way home, and it was getting dark.
Had to walk back in darkness :)

Here is a picture I found from the internets :)