Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sorry I'm late

I should have visited Niddrie ~5 years ago :(

Niddrie used to look like this.
I went through my intergalactic wormhole again :)
And I met Ron Jeremy on the other end :)
This used to be a railroad.
It is named The Innocent Railway because nobody died during the construction :)
Trailerpark :)
Getting close to Niddrie :)
Oh, it is one of these neighbourhoods :(
The Klingons were calling me :)
Radio transmitter :)
My friend Mr. Ron Jeremy :)
This is what comes out of Kinder eggs in Niddrie :)
I also found some methadone :)
Anti-vandal paint.
Too bad the old Niddrie was demolished, now it just looks boring :(
Poor students with broken window :(
Somebody broke my money stash :(
Somehow we made it through the junkies and neds to the beach :)
Some people are crazy :)
The beach has seen some better days :)
River :)
Empty yard.
Scotland :)

Here is a picture I found from the internets :)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Deal with it!

Bristo Square is actually pretty fun place, too bad it has been skated for the past 20+ years.
This is what I have to deal with.
This is where my homeless friends sleep, drink ans piss.
They see me rollin', they hatin' :)
This is actually quite good, too bad the run up sucks :(

This is my favourite song today :)

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Top 10

So, I found this article, and EH14 is number 10. EH14 pointed me to Wester Hailes :) I had the best idea ever, go to Wester Hailes on a saturday night when it was dark :)

I met my bodyguard Chuck Norris :)
Beware of elderly people :)
This was our previous night out :)
You have been warned :)
Chuck was casually hanging out at the ghetto :)
What is a game without a ball?
I almost jumped that train :)

Dark waters.
 Glasgow only 56 miles :)
Chuck posing just before Wester Hailes :)
Here it is :)
We need more buildings like this :)
Chuck posing :)
I was just casually drinking beer at Wester Hailes :)
Lovely buildings :)
Nice path :)
Barb wire is dangerous :(
Wester Hailes :)
I got mugged in the streets :(
Danger is my middle name :)

Here is a picture I found from the internets :) :) :)